light fabric (student housing)

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shopping center @ bandung, west java, indonesia

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house for a profesional drummer

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town house at jatipadang

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open the window, and let the air

freshly blow upon face and hair,

and fill the room, as fill the night,

with the breath of the rain’s sweet might.

(James Henry Leigh Hunt 1784-1859)

connecting plaza @ canggu

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plaza canggu-kecil

berhenti sejenak.

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As we read the contextual condition, we predict that surrounding houses will do the “competition to make over” their facades.

That;’s why we decide to do the opposite,

we do nothing with the facade.

trace the facade’s outline

substract a square to make a Vista

fill it with creeping plant.

green void apartment

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Puri Mutiara is a small part of  Southern Jakarta that still bless with rows of mature tree. To enhances the visual connection and to engage the building intimately with this nature surrounding, small balconies – partly enclosed, and partly open with glass railing – are introduce in each apartment unit. This space not only can be used for plants and tree but also creates an incision to the building for natural light to penetrate deep into the unit.

green Void

Balconies not only introduce in each individual unit, but also become part of its long corridor. To reduce the physically long corridor, balcony is inserted in between unit, randomly for all floors, so that even the corridor will have a natural ventilation and possibly natural lighting. This naturally ventilated corridor and small balconies work together as a machine to create a cross ventilation within the unit.

To improve the air quality, plants and trees will dominate not only ground floor but also the higher floor where the communal balconies are. Even the wall will have a water supply and simple drainage to cater for cripple plants grow on the upper floor. Thus mimicking its green surrounding vertically.
The inclusion of plants/green as part of façade strategy and the effort to engage occupants with communal activities by providing lots of open spaces, stack on top of each other on the first 4 floor are unique for this development.

(words by Ary Indrajanto)